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Renting a car in the Caribbean can be a fun and challenging experience - and on some islands definitely the best choice of transportation. You can start your search using the form to the right to rent directly through Caribbean-On-Line and our partner CarTrawler, or try some of the many local and international agents listed below. You will have to be at least 25 years old to rent a car in most Caribbean destinations, although some agencies will rent to persons 21 years old.

Remember to obey all international traffic signs and local laws, buckle up, and to drive on the left on the following islands: Anguilla, Antigua, The Bahamas, Barbados, The Cayman Islands, Dominica, Jamaica, St. Croix, St. John, St. Kitts & Nevis, St. Lucia, and St. Thomas.
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Prices in the editorial below are estimates only and are given in US Dollars.

Antigua & Barbuda
The Bahamas
British Virgin Islands
Cayman Islands
Dominican Republic
Puerto Rico
St. Barts
St. Croix
St. John
St. Kitts & Nevis
St. Lucia
St. Maarten & St. Martin
St. Thomas
Trinidad & Tobago
Turks & Caicos

Anguilla Car Rental:
To rent a car on Anguilla, you will need a valid driver's license from your state or country, and a temporary permit available from the car rental agency. Some popular local car rental agents are Highway Rent A Car (Tel: 264 497-2183) and Island Car Rentals (Tel: 264-497-2723). The island is almost completely flat, so driving is relatively easy, but it is on the left hand side, like the U.S. and British Virgin Islands. There are some major international rental agents available too (Hertz, Avis, etc.). We think renting a car on Anguilla is a good idea - unless you are the type that likes to spend all your time at the resort - having the freedom to jump in a car and get around to all the islands wonderful restaurants and beaches is the way to go.

Antigua & Barbuda Car Rental:
The roads are bumpy and the prices are in the high range, starting around US $300 a week with unlimited miles. The major car rental agencies are AVIS (800-331-1084) and Hertz (800-654-3131). Both offer pick-up service at the Antigua airport. Two local outfits are Titi Car Rental (268 460-1452) and Jonas Rent-A-Car (268 462-3760). You will need to purchase a drivers license (US $20), and will need to show a valid one from your home country to get it. Keep in mind that you must drive on the left.
The area code for all numbers is 268.

•  Budget Rent-A-Car ...462-3009
•  Dollar Rent-A-Car ...462-0362
•  Gomez Enterprises Ltd./Avis ...462-2840
•  Gregory Car Rental/Hertz ...462-4114
•  Holiday Car Rental ...462-0256
•  Jacob's Rent-A-Car ...462-0576
•  Jonas Rent-A-Car ...462-3760
•  Lion Car Rental ...460-1400
•  Oakland Rent-A-Car ...462-3021
•  St. John's Car Rental ...462-0594

Aruba Car Rental:
Aruba is a relatively flat island with good roads and having a car is a great way to get aorund on your own terms. Here are some additional Aruba car rental tips:

•  An international driving license or any valid license held for two years is necessary to rent a car in Aruba.
•  Driving is on the right-hand side of the road.
•  International road signs are used and speed limits are posted in kilometers.
•  There is no right turn on red lights.
•  The minimum age for rental varies from 21 to 25 years old and the maximum is 65 to 70 depending on the company.
•  Child seats are not required by law, ask ahead if you would like one.
The big three car rental agencies are located at the airport: Budget Rent-A-Car (800-472-3325 or 297-8-28600), Hertz (800-654-3001 or 297-8-24886) and AVIS (800-331-1084 or 297-8-24800). Other Aruban agencies are Hedwina Car Rental (297-8-26442), and Optima (297-8-36263).

The Bahamas:
Rental cars and motor scooters are available in most areas in the Bahamas. Remember that you must drive on the left, and look right when crossing streets on foot. You may use your driver's license for up to three months, after which you must obtain a Bahamian one. A protective helmet is mandatory if you are travelling by motor scooter. The usual large Multi-National companies, Budget Rent-A-Car (800-472-3325 or 297-8-28600), Hertz (800-654-3001 or 297-8-24886) and AVIS (800-331-1084 or 297-8-24800) are represented on Grand Bahama and New Providence Island. Small independent agents can be found on the out islands.

Barbados Car Rental:
If you don't have an International Driver's License you will need a valid license to obtain a temporary permit ($5) to drive in Barbados (the permits are available from the car rental agencies).

Some car rental agencies include National Car Rentals Ltd (246 426-0603, FAX 246 429-8147), Sunny Isle Motors (246 435-7979, FAX 246 435-9277), P & S Car Rentals (246 424-2052), Courtesy Rent.A.Car (246 431-4160, FAX 246 429-6387), Corbins Car Rentals (246 427-9531, FAX 246 426-8336), and Stoutes Car Rental (246 435-4456). The best bet is to take a taxi to your hotel and have your rental car delivered there (since delivery to the airport is often slow). Also keep in mind that you must drive on the left.

British Virgin Islands Car Rental:
The BVI can be an expensive place to rent a car. You will need a BVI license ($10), obtainable with your valid driver's license. Some major car rental agencies are AVIS (284-494-3322), Budget (284-494-2639), Hertz (284-495-4405) and National (284-494-3197). On Virgin Gorda, try Mahogany Rentals (284-495-5469). Driving is on the left, like the US Virgin Islands.

Cayman Islands:
Since the islands are relatively flat and small, renting a car is a good option. But keep in mind that you must drive on the left.

Andy's Car Rental Cayman Islands Andy's Car Rentals in the Cayman Islands is conveniently located in front of the airport on Grand Cayman Island. Offering friendly service and cheap rates on rental cars & jeep rentals. Visit their Web site for more information and to book your car or jeep today!
Another local agent is Coconut Car Rentals (800) 941-4562.

Curaçao Car Rental:
The main car rental agencies are Budget (599-683420, 800 527-0700), AVIS (599-681163, 800 331-2112), National Car Rental (599-683489), Hertz (599-681182, 800 654-3001) and Dollar (599-690262).
Prices at all the big agencies tend to start at around $300 a week with unlimited miles.

Dominica Car Rental:
Three hundred miles of paved roads make it easy to explore Dominica by car at your own pace. Remember to drive on the left. (The area code for all phone numbers is 767.)

•  Alick Rent-A-Car, Portsmouth ...445-4777
•  Auto Rentals, Goodwill ...448-0738/448-3425
•  Avis Rent-A-Car, Roseau ...448-0413
•  Best Deal Rent-A-Car, Roseau ...449-9204
•  Boyce Taxi & Car Rental, Loubiere ...448-4394
•  Bonus Rental, Fond Cole ...448-2650
•  Budget Rent-A-Car, ...449-2080
•  Budget Rent-A-Car Dominica ...448-2650
•  Cecil Thomas Rent-A-Car, Goodwill ...448-2349
•  Chris Car Rental, Roseau ...448-7461
•  Courtesy Car Rental, Goodwill ...448-7763
•  Francis Enterprises, Roseau ...448-5295
•  Hav Car Rental, Marigot ...445-8845
•  Izoe Auto Rental, Madrelle ...449-8545
•  Garraway Rent-A-Car, Old Street ...448-2891
•  Rover Hire, Hanover Street ...448-2640
•  SAG Rent-A-Car, Canefield ...449-1093/449-1094
•  Valley Rent-A-Car, Goodwill ...448-3233
•  Walsh Car Rental, Kingshill ...448-3354/448-8038
•  Wide Range Rentals, Bath Road ...448-2198/449-8198
•  Wykies Auto Rental, Canefield ...449-1888

Dominican Republic Car Rental:
Renting a car seems to be the best way to get around the Dominican Republic, but it can be an adventure. Many secondary roads are in poor shape and badly lit. Drive carefully and avoid the use of alcohol. The main car rental agencies are AVIS (800-331-1084), Budget (800-527-0700) and Hertz (800-654-3001).

Grenada Car Rental:
Here are a few agencies available on Grenada: CG Rentals (473) 444 0317, David's Car Rental (473) 444-3399, Fas Car Rentals (473) 443-2293 and Y & R Car Rentals (473) 444-4448.

Guadeloupe Car Rental:
Here are a few agencies available on Guadeloupe: Hertz (590) 05 90-39-33-83, Fun Car Phone: (590) 05-90-88-73-04 and Pro Rent (590) 05-90-26-73-44

Haiti Car Rental:
Though headquartered at various points in Port-au-Prince and Petion-ville, a number of car rental agencies have offices across the street from the airport. A varied selection of vehicles are generally available, ranging from small cars to 4WD vehicles from around $60 to $185 a day, plus a hefty cash deposit ranging from $400 to $1,200 depending on the type of car you rent. Some car rental agents available are: Avis 246-4161, Budget 246-2324, Hertz 246-0700 and Secom 257-1913. When calling from the US dial 011 (509) then the 7 digit number.

Jamaica Car Rental:
Island Car Rental is Jamaica's largest car rental agency. You can call them toll-free from the US at 800-892-4581. Dhana Car Rental is an independent agency located in Montego Bay at the Holiday Village Shopping Center (876 953-9555). The main multinational car rental agencies are Avis (800-331-1212), Dollar (800-800-4000), National (800-227-3876), Hertz (800-654-3131) and Budget (876-952-3838). Keep in mind that you must drive on the left.

Hertz (590-590-65-10-101)

Puerto Rico:
Hertz is available in Puerto Rico (787-791-0808 or 1-800-654-3030)

St. Barts Car Rental: more information here.

St. Croix Car Rental:
The main car rental agancies on St. Croix are AVIS (340-778-9365 or 800-331-1084), Budget (340-778-9636) and Hertz (340-778-1402). They all have offices at the airport. You also might try Olympic (340-773-2208) or Thrifty (340-773-7200). Rates are reasonable but insurance rates are higher than usual because of the high accident rate. Also keep in mind that you must drive on the left.

St. John Car Rental:
Conrad Sutton Conrad Sutton Car & Jeep Rental 30 years of friendly reliable service. Secure online reservations.
Conrad Sutton Car & Jeep Rental P. O. Box 285, Cruz Bay, St. John U.S. Virgin Islands 00831 (340) 776-6479. Visit their Web site for more information.

Courtesy Car Rental Prompt, affordable, professional service. Courtesy Car & Jeep Rental P.O. Box 1316, St. John, USVI 00831 (340) 776-6650. Visit their Web site for more complete information and reservations.

O'Connor Car Rental O'Connor Car Rental is proud to be one of St. John's first car rentals, established in 1975 by Robert O'Connor Sr. With two locations on St. John at the Westin Resort and in the heart of Cruz Bay town (at the Texaco station), O'Connor Car Rental is happy to provide customers with a wide variety of reliable, clean vehicles. Visit their Web site for complete information.
O'Connor Car Rental
PO Box 368, St. John, USVI 00831 Phone (340) 776-6343 Fax (340) 779-4440

St. John Car Rental St. John Car Rental, Inc.
Let the experts at the St. John Car Rental, Inc., in business for over 27 years, show you how to get around the beautiful island of St. John. Rent a Suzuki Sidekick or Vitara, Jeep Wrangler or Cherokee, or the larger Montero and they will give you the "map rap" and show you all the best sights and beaches. Visit their Web site for details and complete information. Cruz Bay Tel/fax (340) 776-6103

Bougainvillea Leasing Ltd. offers special discounts for on-line booking. Check out their site for details. Bougainvillea Leasing Ltd. P.O. Box 349, St. John, VI 00831

Keep in mind that you must drive on the left.

St. Kitts & Nevis Car Rental:
On St. Kitts the only major agent is AVIS (869 465-6507, 800-331-1084). A & T Car Rentals offers affordable four door vehicles. They are on Parkrange Street in Basetterre (869 465-4030). A local agent that offers cars and jeeps is Delisle Walwyn & Co. (869 465-8449).
On Nevis you can try Skeetes Car Rental (869 469-9458). You will need a permit from the Traffic Department ($11) and remember to drive on the left.

St. Lucia Car Rental:

best-rates-car-rental.jpg Best Rates Car Rental
Best Rates Car Rental was created for what customers want - the best rates! Best Rates Car Rental is a professional, cooperative and customer service oriented car rental agency, with the lowest rates on SUVs & Cars on the island of St. Lucia today. They are committed to providing efficent, excellent service and custmomer satisfaction while visiting St. lucia.

Costless Rent-A-Car Costless Rent-A-Car
For the best deals on car hire in St. Lucia you're just one click away - no hidden extras and no surprises. Costless Rent-A-Car offers the best rates on Car hire in St. Lucia by miles.
West Coast Jeeps West Coast Jeeps & Taxi Service
West Coast Jeeps pride themselves on the safety of their vehicles and their friendly, family-like service. Visit their Web site for pictures of their cars and jeeps, rates, and contact info.

There are a lot of agencies on St. Lucia. You will need a St. Lucia driver's license which is obtainable with your valid license and $16. Rentals from the major agencies start around $300 a week and up plus insurance. Remember you must drive on the left.

•  AVIS Rent-A-Car (Vide Bouteille, Castries) ...758-452-2700 or 800-331-1084
•  Best Rates Car Rental (Castries) ...758-452-1330 Mobile: 758-584-4502
•  Budget USA & Canada 800-263-4202, UK 0-800-96-5015.
•  Car and Truck Leasing (Rodney Bay Marina) ...758-452-0732
•  Charley's Car Rental (Vieux Fort) ...758-454-6448
•  Cool Breeze Jeep Rental (Soufriere) ...758-459-7729
•  Costless Rent-A-Car (Rodney Bay) ...758-450-3416
•  Courtesy Car Rental (Bois d'Orange) ...758-452-8140
•  Drive-A-Matics (Reduit Park) ...758-450-0300
•  Economy Car Rental (Massade, Gros Islet) ...758-451-7997
•  Guy's Car Rental (Victoria Street, Castries) ...758-451-7147
•  Hertz Rent-A-Car (Rodney Bay) ...758-452-0679 or 800-654-3001
•  National Car Rental (Gros Islet Highway) ...758-450-8721
•  West Coast Jeeps & Taxi Service ...459-5457

St. Maarten & St. Martin Car Rental:
Hertz is available in St. Martin and St. Maarten (5590-690-660066)

St. Thomas Car Rental:

bullet Budget St. Thomas

Budget St. ThomasBudget St. Thomas is St. Thomas' largest car rental agency, with several locations across the island, a wide selection of vehicles, and low prices. Budget also allows their vehicles to take the car barge to St. John. Visit their website for details or call them toll free at (800) 626-4516.

Budget St. Thomas, PO Box 303887, St. Thomas, V.I. 00803 Toll Free: (800) 626-4516, (340) 776-5774

bullet Dependable Car Rental - Friendly, Courteous, Convenient
Dependable Car Rental, St. Thomas

Dependable Car Rental, located 5 minutes from the airport, offers everything from compact vehicles to full size SUVs for your vacation needs. With rates starting as low as $235.00 per week they can offer you the friendliest and most reliable service on the island. Call to reserve your vacation car and recieve 12% off. Just say you found them on the net! PO Box 307788, St. Thomas, V.I. 00803 Toll Free: (800) 522-3076

Other car rental agencies in St. Thomas are AVIS (800-331-1084) and Hertz (800-654-3001). Because of the competition on St. Thomas prices are usually a bit lower then most other islands. You should be able to get a weekly rental with unlimited miles starting at about $300. Keep in mind that you must drive on the left.

Trinidad & Tobago Car Rental:
Hertz is available in Trinidad & Tobago (868-669-4332 or 1-800-654-3131)

Turks & Caicos Car Rental:
Hertz (649-941-3910 or 1-800-654-3030)

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