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The Cayman Islands: Hotels & Resorts

Now you can write reviews of your favorite Cayman Islands Hotels & Resorts! Go to our User Review section for more information or to leave a review. Reviews will be posted on the Cayman Hotels & Resort Review page.

Cayman Breakers Cayman Breakers Welcome to a world of unspoiled beauty and an island which is as pristine & timeless as they come. If over populated resorts & long lines are not your idea of a perfect getaway, then take a look at what the "Breakers" has to offer! Unlike many resorts, their concept is to provide the setting & the rest is up to you. Two Bedroom Condo's on Cayman Brac. Non-Smoking, sleeps 4-6. Brand New Luxury Condo's at Affordable Prices. An 8-day stay for four adults is $1200 for Ocean View and $1600 for Ocean Front - includes the 10% Hotel Tax. Note: Hurricane Ivan did not affect Cayman Breakers, and they are open for business! Visit their website for details.

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To locate hotels on our maps, look for this symbol Hotels and Resorts in the maps' referenced grids. (The area code for all phone numbers is 345.)

All locations are for the West Grand Cayman Map unless otherwise noted.

  1. Anchorage Condos, Seven Mile Beach (E-4) ...945-4088
  2. Aqua Bay Club, Seven Mile Beach (D-4) ...945-4728
  3. Avalon Condos, West Bay Road (F-5) ...945-4171
  4. Beachcomber Condos, Seven Mile Beach (G-5) ...945-4470
  5. Beach Club Colony Hotel & Dive Resort, Seven Mile Beach (H-5) ...949-8100
  6. Brac Caribbean Beach Resort, West End Cayman Brac (Cayman Brac Map C-1) ...948-2265
  7. Brac Reef Beach Resort, West End Point Cayman Brac, (Cayman Brac Map C-1) ...948-1323
  8. Brittania Villas, Seven Mile Beach (H-5) ...949-1234
  9. Caribbean Club Villas, Seven Mile Beach (H-5) ...945-4099
  10. Casa Caribe, Seven Mile Beach (H-5) ...945-5151
  11. Cayman Club, Seven Mile Beach (H-5) ...945-5258
  12. Cayman Diving Lodge, East End (Grand Cayman Map C-9) ...947-7555
  13. The Cayman Inn & Resort, George Town (J-4) ...949-9111
  14. Cayman Reef Resort, Seven Mile Beach (H-5) ...949-4819
  15. Cayman Villas (Over 100 Locations) ...945-4144
  16. Christopher Columbus, Seven Mile Beach (E-4) ...945-4354
  17. Cobalt Coast Resort, Boatswains Bay (B-3) ...946-5656
  18. Coconut Harbor, George Town (L-4) ...949-7468
  19. Colonial Club, Seven Mile Beach (H-5) ...945-4839
  20. Comfort Suites & Resort, Seven Mile Beach (I-4) ...945-7300
  21. Conch Club Condominiums, South Town, Little Cayman, (Little Cayman Map D-2) ...948-1033
  22. Coral Sands Resort, George Town (J-4) ...949-4400
  23. The Coralstone Club, Seven Mile Beach (G-5) ...945-5820
  24. Crescent Point Resort, Seven Mile Beach (I-4) ...945-2243
  25. Discovery Point, Seven Mile Beach (D-4) ...945-4724
  26. Eldemire's Guesthouse, George Town (L-4) ...949-6987
  27. George Town Villas, George Town (I-4) ...949-5172
  28. Grand Cayman Marriott Beach Resort, Seven Mile Beach (I-5) ...949-0088
  29. Grand Caymanian Golf Resort, North Sound (F-6) ...949-3100
  30. Grand View Condos, George Town (I-4) ...945-4511
  31. Grapetree Cocoplum, George Town (J-4) ...949-5640
  32. Harbour Heights, Seven Mile Beach (F-5) ...945-4295
  33. Heritage Club, Seven Mile Beach (E-4) ...945-4993
  34. Holiday Inn, Seven Mile Beach (E-5) ...946-4433
  35. Hyatt Regency, Seven Mile Beach (H-5) ...949-1234
  36. Indies Suites, Seven Mile Beach (E-5) ...945-5025
  37. Island Pine Villas, Seven Mile Beach (H-5) ...949-6586
  38. Islands Club, Seven Mile Beach (H-5) ...945-5211
  39. Lacovia Condominiums, Seven Mile Beach (H-5) ...949-7599
  40. Little Cayman Beach Resort, South Town, (Little Cayman Map D-2) ...948-1033
  41. London House, Seven Mile Beach (E-4) ...945-4060
  42. The Meridian, Seven Mile Beach (G-5) ...945-4002
  43. Morritt's Tortuga Club & Resort, East End (Grand Cayman Map B-9) ...947-7449
  44. Paradise Villas, South Town (Little Cayman Map D-2) ...948-0001
  45. Plantana Condos, Seven Mile Beach (F-5) ...945-4430
  46. Plantation Village, Seven Mile Beach (I-4) ...949-4199
  47. Regal Beach Club, Seven Mile Beach (I-5) ...945-6189
  48. Retreat at Rum Point, Rum Point (Grand Cayman Map A-4) ...947-9135
  49. Royal Reef Resort, East End (Grand Cayman Map B-9) ...945-8400
  50. Sammy's Airport Inn, George Town (K-6) ...945-2100
  51. Seagull Condos, Seven Mile Beach (H-5) ...949-5756
  52. Seaview Hotel & Dive Centre, George Town (L-4) ...945-0559
  53. Seven Mile Beach Resort, Seven Mile Beach (I-4) ...949-0332
  54. Silver Sands Condos, Seven Mile Beach (D-4) ...949-3343
  55. Southern Cross Club, South Town (Little Cayman Map D-3) ...948-1099
  56. Spanish Bay Reef Resort, Conch Point (A-4) ...949-3765
  57. Sunset House, South Church Street (L-4) ...949-7111
  58. Sunshine Suites, Seven Mile Beach (G-5) ...949-3000
  59. Tamarind Bay, Seven Mile Beach (I-4) ...949-4593
  60. Tarquyn Manor, Seven Mile Beach (E-4) ...945-4038
  61. Treasure Island Condos, Seven Mile Beach (I-4) ...949-8533
  62. Treasure Island Resort, Seven Mile Beach (I-4) ...949-7777
  63. Turtle Beach Villas, Seven Mile Beach (I-4) ...949-6347
  64. Turtle Nest Inn, Bodden Town (Grand Cayman Map D-5) ...947-8665
  65. Victoria House, Seven Mile Beach (E-4) ...945-4233
  66. Villas of the Galleon, Seven Mile Beach (G-5) ...945-4433
  67. Westin Casuarina Resort, Seven Mile Beach (G-5) ...945-3800

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