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caribbean-on-line travel forum rules & regs
Update: Parties who post unsolicited URLs (meaning not in direct response to a user's question), and especially those who "spam" multiple forums, will be billed at the rate of US $100 per hour for removal of such posts - DON'T SPAM OUR FORUMS! You know who you are. You will be billed, and your ISP will be notified of your activities. You have been warned.

The following covers all Forums presented by Caribbean-On-Line, Caribline, Bahamas-On-Line, USVI-On-Line, Virgin-Islands-On-Line, and Mexico-On-Line (coming soon!).

Rules & Regulations:

Do not post advertisements (including Villa Rentals, activities, etc.) or links to competing Web sites. Your message will be deleted immediately. We can't state this strongly enough - posting URLs that are not relevant, publicizing competing Web sites, or promoting businesses that conflict with our advertisers will not be tolerated. These forums are for traveler to traveler or traveler to resident travel advice and are not to be used as a medium for selling anything. If you are answering a valid question with a legitimate answer, it is okay to mention whatever it is, but please do disclose that you own it if that is the case.
• Do not attempt to contact the people who post messages in these forums with advertisements or otherwise commercially motivated, unsolicited emails (SPAM emails).
• Posts pertaining to swinging, prostitution, or meetings of a sexual nature will be deleted. These forums are not to be used as a medium to solicit sex.
• Do not post illegal or copyrighted material to these forums.
• Do not post offensive or overly disgusting messages; NO posts that could be considered "harmful to minors" are allowed.
• Do not use a "Signature" which is overly long, contains large ascii "pictures," or otherwise detracts from the quality of posts in these forums. General rule of thumb: Your Signature should NOT be larger than your posted message! :o)
• Do not harass another posting individual of these forums, whether via email or posts.
• Please do have a good time, and enjoy this new medium of interactivity with other like-minded individuals.


Archives: All forums will be archived at about 150 posts (posts - not threads).
Posting Icons:
Question - use this to denote a question.
Answer Balloon - Use this to denote an answer.
Bullet - use this to denote a comment.
Please use one of the above on every post you make - it makes navigation much easier.
New - The new sign remains on posts for 3 days, after which it automatically disappears. New articles can be in archives if the board is very popular. At this time you can not respond to archived articles.
Caribbean-On-Line Travel Forums are not moderated, and Caribbean-On-Line accepts no liability of legal consequences that arise from use of these Forums (e.g. libel, slander, or other such crimes). Caribbean-On-Line retains the right to remove any and all message posts, for whatever reasons, at any time. Under no circumstances is Caribbean-On-Line to be held liable for any wrongdoings that occur from the usage of these forums. People that post messages to these forums are not to libel/slander nor in any other way depict a company, entity, or service in a false light; should they do so, the legal consequences are theirs alone. Please see our Web Site General Disclaimer for more information.

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