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Hotel Reviews: Anguilla
Cap Juluca 06/21/01
Reviewers Rating: Excellent
This was probably the most relaxing, most romantic holiday my husband and I have had since our honeymoon in Hawaii 3 years ago. Our first trip w/o kids since our second came along 11 months ago. The most beautiful beaches. Lots of sun but a nice tradewind keeps you cool while sunning.

Cap Juluca had it all.

We checked out the other hotels in this price category and went to look at the rooms at each Malliohana, Cuisinart and Covecastles. Malliohana is really old and rooms in the $800 range are not right on the beach, rooms are sparse and the furniture is old. It really needs to have a complete renovation.

Cuisinart is very nice and new and has televisions and vcr's in their rooms but it's not as nicely spread out along the beach as Cap Juluca. It has beautiful bathrooms too. It also has the nicest pool of the bunch! Nice pool furniture; big cushy lounge chairs! My favorite restaurant for food on the island is Cuisinart. If Cap Juluca was all booked I would call here next!

Cap Juluca is soo nice. I thought the bedding was a bit rough (Polyester bedspread very uncomfortable! Low threadcount sheets.). Bathrooms are amazing! Jr suites are Very spacious! The furniture is very nice. No tv is actually a godsend. (unless you brought the kids). We rented a cd player and bought a couple of the local bands' cd's. It was really nice listening every night as we sat on our patio and looked west and watched the sunset every evening. Nicest beach of the bunch!

Covecastles in very nice and very private and very exclusive. Very very very quiet beach!! The most beautiful condos with kitchens. Great Furniture!! Nice bedding! (Bathrooms not as nice as Cap Juluca though!)

However I think I would go back to Cap Juluca cuz it has the best beach. Great watersports! And although I enjoyed quiet and privacy there was just enough people around to enjoy some nice conversations about which restaurant to try and what's a good read for the beach! Plus Cap Juluca has more suites with plunge pools and they also have a large pool for the resort. So if I brought the kids sometime I'd need that.

I don't think I'm planning to bring my kids anytime soon though. It is a perfect getaway for two! Very romantic. Very quiet.

(Also it would be expensive to bring the kids and if you're a foodie the kids might not appreciate it as much).

I have to say none of these hotels are as good as "The Four Season's". But there's only one 4 seasons in the Caribbean and that's on Nevis and I don't think Nevis has the great restaurants that Anguilla has.

This was by all accounts the Best holiday we've every had for food in the caribbean.

It is almost as good as Maui!!


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