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Caribbean-On-Line INC is a corporation formed in the state of New Jersey (legal info here). We are not an official representative of any government, island, or tourism board - although we do work closely with several tourism boards and professional associations to promote Caribbean travel.

Our focus is on the traveler and providing varied, useful, and timely information. Our travel forums, user reviews, maps and Caribbean webcams pages are some of our most popular. We also market and sell Caribbean maps, books and other Caribbean merchandise through our own store and through affiliations with and other third parties. In 2003 we started selling travel with our partner WWTE and now provide private label hotel, air, package, excursion, and car rental booking services.

The first version of Caribbean-On-Line went live in October 1995. Like every other web site, we started out with one "hit". We currently operate several other sites, including Mexico-On-Line, Bahamas-On-Line, Virgin-Islands-On-Line and We currently serve about 1 million pages to 200,000 visitors a month across our sites.

Our websites are updated throughout the year, some daily, most monthly. We develop new pages in response to users suggestions or if we feel there is a need for more information about a particular subject or area. Some of the pages in planning are: more cruise ship schedules, expanded real estate information, cruise "cams", and enhanced weather information. We are also working with individual island tourist boards and hotel associations to keep our information fresh and accurate, and are incorporating more user generated content.

Many websites, search engines and portals are permanently linked to us, including hundreds of Caribbean indexes, personal sites, and prominent public information and corporate sites.

We welcome your comments, suggestions, corrections and questions. We personally read every piece of email we receive, although we are not able to answer it all. We can not however answer general travel questions, questions about the weather, or suggest accommodations. If you have questions that are travel related we kindly suggest that you turn to our forums. We also have a FAQ available with some of the most common questions we receive and some other sources to answer them. Questions concerning business or advertising can be directed to the Webmaster.

We can provide design services if you are in need of a website, and we have a wide range of advertising solutions for every budget. If you would like more information please contact our Director of Internet Services, Anthony Finta or visit our advertising page for details.

Thanks for visiting,

The Caribbean-On-Line Team

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