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anguilla beaches

Beach at Cap Juluca The Caribbean is known for many things -- crystal blue waters, flawless weather and award-winning restaurants - but the island of Anguilla specializes in the region's most coveted commodity, pristine, soft, silky, powdery beaches. Twelve miles of spectacular white sand and coral beaches grace the perimeter of the 35-square mile island, bordered by the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean.

While all of Anguilla's beaches are distinct from one another, all are equally inviting, with clear calm waters, ranging in color from aquamarine to royal blue, lapping gently at the shoreline. Each cove, bay and stretch of sand is marked by unique characteristics such as varied rock formations and picturesque tropical blooms. Committed to achieving environmental sustainability, Anguilla is protecting its natural beauty and resources by caring for its beaches, dunes, reefs, shorelines and coastal waters.

The calm, gentle currents and long crescent shapes make swimming and strolling on Anguilla's beaches both safe and enjoyable, making them popular with, and conducive to, visitors of all ages. The constant but tender breezes of the trade winds, coupled with average monthly temperature of 80 degrees, keep the beaches comfortable as well.

Many of the island's inviting and varied resorts and hotels are situated directly on one of the island's 33 beaches, which means you can put your toes in the water first thing in the morning and be lulled to sleep by the soothing waves at night. Furthermore, with all of Anguilla's beaches open to the public, visitors can take their pick of all 33, or, stay with their favorite during their time on the island. Making the choice of which beach to visit even more difficult is the fact that many of them also share the beachfront with restaurants ranging from fine dining establishments to colorful, beach bistros and bars with live music.

Source: Anguilla Department of Tourism
Photo Credit: Cap Juluca

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