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jamaica   car rental

Save money and time! Book your Jamaica car rental directly from us using the form to the right, or check below for information on local car rentals. Enter the Jamaican city or town name that is closest to your hotel in the "Pick-up location" field.

Jamaica is a big island, and if you want to see things away from your resort renting a car is probably a good idea, but you should be prepared (buy a map!). Jamaican roads (like most Caribbean islands roads) are not known for their upkeep - there can be traffic jams in and around the bigger towns and cities, and country roads can be in poor repair. In Jamaica there are few north-south routes due to the moutainous terrain. Roads can be very narrow, and locals have a habit of driving in the middle of them to avoid potholes and the soft shoulders, so be especially alert when going around bends. Remember that in Jamaica driving is on the left!

You have to be 25 years old to rent a car in Jamaica - this is true for most of the Caribbean. Your U.S. drivers licencse is valid for 3 months.

Below are some on island car rental agencies for Jamaica - the area code for all local phone numbers is 876.

car rental finder

  • Budget Jamaica (876) 759-1793/1353 Fax: (876) 759-1826 Toll Free: (877) 825 2953 (USA/Canada), 0800 73101 25 (UK)
  • Dhana Car Rental is an independent agency located in Montego Bay at the Holiday Village Shopping Center. (876) 953-9555
  • Efay Rent A Car Ltd. Montego Bay. Toll free from the U.S. (866) 978-6219 Telephone: (876) 952-8280
  • Hertz/Liberty Car Rental Ltd. Telephone: (876) 952-4250/2936/5200
  • Island Cruiser Rentals Negril. Telephone: (876) 957-9187
  • Island Car Rentals Ltd. Jamaica's largest rent-a-car with branches in Montego Bay and Kingston. Telephone: (876) 929-5875

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Jamaica Map for sale

Jamaica & Cayman Islands Map by ITMB $10.95

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