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st. barts   hotels & resorts
Wimco Hotelsbullet Browse for Intimate Hotels of Distinction. Wimco is the pioneer in the Caribbean luxury vacation industry. Visit to browse its selection of intimate hotels of distinction in St Barts and the Caribbean. They have 24 years of experience and have been praised by the New York Times, Conde Nast Traveler, Forbes and Fortune. You can trust them to put you in the right hotel or resort for whatever kind of vacation experience you want. The vacation specialists at Wimco will also handle your flight and car reservations. Get started.

St. Barth Properties Hotels

St. Barth Properties is pleased to present The Hotels of St. Barth, a collection of the island's finest hotels that includes the famous and frequently photographed, casually elegant hideaways. and cottage colonies that are ideal for a family vacation with children. Visit for comprehensive information on each of the properties, with photos and the latest in promotions and packages. Be sure to enquire about exclusive St. Barth Properties' amenities at selected hotels.

Now you can write reviews of your favorite St. Barts Hotels & Resorts! Go to our User Review section for more information or to leave a review. Reviews will be posted on the St. Barts Hotels & Resort Review page.
Locate these hotels by number on our map of St. Barts Follow these links for more details on these hotels and St. Barts hotel news.
  1. Agence Sibarth
  2. Auberge de la Petite Anse ...Tel: 0590-27-64-89   Fax: 0590-27-83-09
  3. Carl Gustaf
  4. Francois Plantation ...Tel: 0590-27-78-82   Fax: 0590-27-61-26
  5. Emeraude Plage ...Tel: 0590-27-64-78   Fax: 0590-27-83-08
  6. Filao Beach Hotel ...Tel: 0590-27-64-84   Fax: 0590-27-62-24
  7. Sunset Hotel ...Tel: 0590-27-77-21   Fax: 0590-27-81-59
  8. Residences St. Barth ...Tel: 0590-27-85-93   Fax: 0590-27-77-59
  1. Eden Roc
  2. Hotel Le Toiny
  3. Les Ilets Fleuris ...Tel: 0590-27-64-22   Fax: 0590-27-69-72
  4. Manapany ...Tel: 0590-27-66-55   Fax: 0590-27-75-28
  5. Marigot Bay Club ...Tel: 0590-27-75-45   Fax: 0590-27-90-04
  6. Saint Barth Beach Hotel ...Tel: 0590-27-60-70   Fax: 0590-27-75-57
  7. Saint Barth Isle de France ...Tel: 0590-27-61-81   Fax: 0590-27-86-83
  1. Sereno Beach Hotel ...Tel: 0590-27-64-80   Fax: 0590-27-75-47
  2. Tom Beach Club ...Tel: 0590-27-53-13   Fax: 0590-27-53-15
  3. Tropical Hotel ...Tel: 0590-27-64-87   Fax: 0590-27-81-74
  4. Village St. Jean ...Tel: 0590-27-61-39   Fax: 0590-27-77-96
  5. Hotel Guanahani & Spa
  6. Hotel Christopher

st. barts   guide books

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