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Paradise revisited--Anguilla 3/31 thru 4/10

Travel & news discussion about Anguilla

Paradise revisited--Anguilla 3/31 thru 4/10

Postby Howard » Wed Apr 12, 2006 2:50 pm

For those of you that have followed our trips and trip reports of Anguilla over the years this trip was a little out of character for us. As you know we were big fans of Frangipani and always stayed there. Since it was sold in October and undergoing renovations and the rates have increased significantly we decided to try something different. Really didn't plan to return to Anguilla this soon but in Jan I was looking at Caribbean auctions and Paradise Cove was at Auction. Bid and won. Then Murphy reared his ugly head. Seems Sky Auction works thru suppliers and it took six weeks of badgering to finally find out that Paradise Cove didn't have a studio suite available. For what I won the auction for I wouldn't have a suite available either. Called Ku' and Carimar and there was no room at the inn. Called Paradise Cove and they did have a one bedroom suite available which we took. Had another Murphy experience with American Airlines which I won't go into but not happy with American. Shame they have the Caribbean so captive. Had a good flight to SXM and took the Ferry from Marigot. Ride smooth as glass.


Paradise Cove. Had seen it many years ago and it was okay but they have added a building since and renovated. Our suite was very nice and cheerfully decorated. Must have been about 1800 SqFt. Really large with a patio off the back kitchen/dining area and one in front. The place is landscaped nicely with lots of flora. It is not on the beach which wasn't a problem. Forced us to explore other beaches, Cove Bay, Meads, Shoal Bay East and West. PC provides beach chairs and umbrellas. They have a very nice large pool on site. Did see a studio suite–There are 12– Large and very nice with king sized bed, large bath and kitchenette with 2 burner stove, microwave and large mini fridge. I would opt for a pool view suite. There are three penthouses which we also saw. Awesome. That will be my choice next time. Other that the villas at Cove Castles have not seen a suite at any resort as nice as these. Sherille did a fantastic job decorating them. On the third floor with an fantastic view of St Martin.

Frangipani–Of course had to stop here to see if any friendly faces were around. Darlene, Kareen, Jane, Jeniffer and Patricia are still there. The chef, Mattias is going back to Jamaica the end of this month. They have new pool and beach furniture. The old office and reception area is being turned into two one bedroom units 8 and 9 . On the terrace there was a small building that was used for storage. It has been turned into a beach bar "Just Chillin". Years ago it was the original bar. There are two Hobbie Cat sailboats on site. Saw suites 3 and 4. They have new appliances and washers and dryers, flat screen TV's. The pull up accordion blinds on the windows and doors have been replaced with matchstick bamboo pull ups. Still the old furniture but will all be replaced. They are currently renovating suite 1 and the Penthouse. Think there are only about three suites that are rentable. Heard that any new construction is on hold this year

Turtles Nest–Decided to stop by and check out the rooms. Although not architecturally great from the outside the suites are lovely. Light and airy and tastefully decorated. They are building a second building with a large beachfront pool which should be finished by Dec. Then a third building is in the works back toward the road which will have shops and boutiques as well as suites.

Carimar–Just stopped by to see Hermia who works there now. So does Elliot but he was off. Hermia is engaged and getting married next year. Really looks great and loved seeing her. Both Carimar and Turtles Nest are getting a lot of guests that used to stay at Frangipani.

Serenity–Just drove by but looks as if they are building another unit of suites.

St Regis–Temenos and Viceroy–At Viceroy they are still moving dirt. Nothing built except a reception area. Temenos is really moving along. The golf course looks super and should be to charge those greens fees. Pouring lots of concrete for villas. One day saw a poor man mowing the fairways with an electric push mower, not even a riding one. Obviously they don't have their golf course maintenance equipment yet. Really felt sorry for him. Probably gets one fairway done a day. Paradise Cove is right next to Temenos and there was a little noise from heavy equipment but not bothersome and we were away most of the day. Didn't disturb nap time. At 3:30 when the workers quit it is like the subway at rush hour. Must have hundreds of workers on site.

Note–there is a 20 to 30 month moratorium on new development which is a good thing.

Restaurants–Goal this time was to try some new places as well as old standbys. We ate breakfast in–eggs, bacon, sausage. French toast and sinful pastries from Le Bon Pain with two exceptions. Went to Dions Overlook one morning. Really nice and a must do. Had the lobster eggs benedict. The waitress was new and thought I was crazy when I asked for a screwdriver. Dion made it. Also went to Roadwell Café one morning for a cheese omelet and sausage. They have a restaurant at Paradise and the breakfasts looked great but didn't try it. They also serve lunch and dinner. Nice pool bar which opens late in the afternoon.

Ate three dinners in. One seafood burgers we bought from home. The second from Hungrys -IRAD- Van. Pasta with shrimp and pasta with chicken. Really good. Hungrys also has a small carry out shop in the shopping plaza where the ice cream shop is. On the right from the airport round about. They have carry out items which are different from what he serves on his van. Stopped by Fat Cat Gourmet and got as lobster quiche the third night. Delicious.

Picante–Old stand by. Ate dinner there twice. Food was excellent as always. Highly recommended.

Bananas by the Sea.-- New and had an excellent dinner there. The owners have a restaurant in St Martin too. As good if not better than when it was L'Indigo.

Lucy's-- For you old Lucy fans she has opened a new restaurant. Lucy's at Long Bay. It is just down the hill from B&D Bbque going toward Malli. Used to be an Italian place and most recently Snappers. Had a great grilled lobster for $25. Menu is steaks, snapper, curried chicken, creole chicken, curried conch, creole conch, crayfish etc. The coconut pie with coconut ice cream is wonderful.

Trattoria Tratmonto–Penny and her husband Ed joined us for dinner one night. Had to get my lobster ravioli fix. Great food and company and one of our favorite places. Another day we went to see Penny and Ed's villa at Cove Castles and have drinks. Really awesome villa. Would like to stay there sometime. Then we proceeded to Trattoria for lunch. Wife had a seared duck salad and I had a wild boar carpaccio salad with spinach and arugula. Both were wonderful. Kim fron Frang works lunches there and dinner at Kemia. She is pregnant and due in 5 months

Cedar Grove–Denise and Chris Graves -18 Degrees North and Jim and Arlene–Casa Arlena joined us for lunch. Lovely setting for lunch Finally met the infamous Bart. Had a very nice conversation. Had seafood pizza for lunch which was good. Better a few years ago when the crust was thinner. Corner Bar still has the best seafood pizza

Koal Keel–Another of our favorites. Wonderful dinner and atmosphere. Keith Gumbs entertains. Ambrose is no longer there. Heard he is at Serenity. You get the dessert menu with the dinner menu now as they have a full time pastry chef and desserts are made to order while you are having dinner. Although not on the beach Koal Keel is not to be missed.

Ku'–Went for lunch one day. They really did a nice job with the place. Ruth and Lisa from Frang are there. Ruth bartends and Lisa who used to do breakfast and lunch at Frang is a chef. Had a good lobster salad although not as good as Veroniques. Wife had seafood soup which she said was the best she'd ever had. Ruth is getting married on 19 August.

KoKo's–Went out to Sandy Hill to see Jim and Arlenes new house. They were on Anguilla six months before they could move in. Really nice–Large great room, three bedrooms, 2 baths, large pool deck and infinity pool. Killer view. The four of us then went to Island Harbour to KoKo's which is new. You reach it on the road behind Arawak. Very eclectic beach bar with a lot of bamboo. Lounges and umbrellas for those who want to stay a while. Great Views. Had grilled crayfish which came with garlic bread, rice with kale, corn, coleslaw, tossed salad and escalloped potatoes. $25–. Wife had a grilled portobela mushroom salad which she said was very good.

Tropical Sunset–Joined Chris and Denise there for lunch. Had a nice lobster sandwich but would probably have crayfish the next time. They looked very good. Again good drinks and company.

Barrel Stay–One of our very favorite lunch spots. Went twice. Great bacon cheeseburger, Conch tempura salad, pumpkin sour and lamb kebabs. One diner at another table had crayfish that really looked wonderful. Will have that next time. Penny and Ed stopped for lunch before going to Johnnos for jazz.

Georges–In all the years we've been going to Anguilla have never eaten at Cap. Went to the Friday night Bbque with Val Davis. It was really nice and the Happy Hits played. Pigged out on shrimp, salmon, crayfish, grilled tuna and rack of lamb.
Excellent buffet although a little pricey you get your moneys worth

Return trip–Took the 10 AM ferry to Marigot. Had a 2 PM flight but wanted to get seats together home which we did not have. Good move- No lines at American. Went to Aqua across the street on the water for lunch which was much better than the airport restaurant. Did customs in San Juan. Most people bring t shirts, cd's etc home as souvenirs. Not me. It was Japanese seaweed which my wife had on a salad at Barrel Stay. Years supply. Not sure whether to declare it so I did and had to go thru agriculture. No problem with the seaweed but they did take an apple which was probably grown in the states. Didn't take the tomato though. Now when you board the plane in SJU there are two US Customs agents checking nationality.
Seems a lot of Haitians and DR's who get to PR are trying to take flights to the States.
Bottom line–Wonderful trip. Used to think 10 days was enough but it's not. Hated to leave and now figuring out when to go back.
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Postby pepper » Wed Apr 12, 2006 10:12 pm

Green! That's what I am. Green!
Just think, I have only 245 days to go.
Thanks for that informative report.
Glad you had such a great time, as usual.
(what's not to love??)
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Postby Ellen » Thu Apr 13, 2006 3:23 pm

Another terrific trip report from you - I loved all the details, your descriptions are fantastic!
Thanks so much for taking the time.
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Postby Howard » Thu Apr 13, 2006 3:43 pm

Pepper--You're just going to have to bite the bullet and go twice a year so there only 180 days to count.
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Paradise revisited

Postby Lori » Fri Apr 14, 2006 10:17 am

Howard, sounds like you had a terrific time in Anguilla. It's so nice how you meet up with Anguilla friends.Thanks for keeping us updated on what's going on in Anguilla. I'm looking forward to Penny's trip report. I will be going to the Anguilla in Nov. and am waiting to see what Penny thought of Cove Castles. Good to hear you thought it was awesome.Might try it there next time.
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Postby pepper » Sat Apr 15, 2006 8:17 am

I am curious to know which seaweed you brought home with you. Was it nori? hijiki? arame? wakame?
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Postby Howard » Sat Apr 15, 2006 2:42 pm

Pepper--It is hiyashi wakame It is bright emerald green and thin like spaghetti. There is a new merchants market in the Valley that sells in bulk and delivers to restaurants. They carry it.
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Postby pepper » Sat Apr 15, 2006 11:16 pm

Thanks Howard.
I used to make miso soup with it back in the days when I was a Macrobiotic.
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