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Travel with Toddler - Recommendations for Lodging Etc.

Travel & news discussion about Anguilla

Travel with Toddler - Recommendations for Lodging Etc.

Postby Johann1 » Mon Apr 24, 2006 2:24 am

Two questions: (i) Loding recommendations; (ii) Travel in May/June.

Maybe better to address the date/weather issue. Are there any concerns with travel to Anguilla in May/June? Can't get away from work until then, but do need a serious beach break. Wondering if it swill be too hot, rainy, bugs etc.

On to the main question re. travel with toddler. We have an 18 month old and want to take her with us - first trip away from the house other than visiting family. We've been to Anguilla several times as singles, carefree etc....but now we have a little one to watch out for. This probably necessitates a kitchen and TV+DVD player in case of boredom/bad weather.

Seeking a quiet place on pristine beach w/kitchen. Used to stay at Rend.Bay Beach Hotel and considering it again, but it was fairly light on service/conveniences...which might be in order with a little one.

Also, Anguilla is a quiet place for get aways...I have some concerns about bringing a (at times) crying baby unless the rooms/suites/villa is fairly sound proof. Rend Bay Beach Hotel was very airy and I'd hate to bother others.

Recommendations? KU? Rend Bay? Others????

Also, recommendations on best way to get from A to B wtih toddler? From Washington D.C. area looking for most expedient way to travel to Aguilla. DC to S'Martin and the ferry or puddle jumper?? Never handled a toddler, gear etc. on a ferry. Last time we did the San Juan connection and that was long and painful.

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Postby axadreamer » Mon Apr 24, 2006 6:38 pm

We've been there in May - certainly very warm, but not overly so. Daily high temperatures in June average in the low 90's and it cools down to the mid to high 70's at night. If you stay out of the sun for too long at mid-day, you should be fine. It was not overly buggy or rainy.

Most Anguilla resorts are child friendly, but you might want to consider Cuisnart as the units are very quiet and they get a fair number of chilren (including toddlers).
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