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Misc Questions: Groceries, etc.

Travel & news discussion about Anguilla

Misc Questions: Groceries, etc.

Postby Johann1 » Mon May 22, 2006 8:48 pm

Third trip to Anguilla.....but a few new questions:

i) This time we'll have a full kitchen and an infant with us. Anyone actually bring a cooler with you with frozen specialty meats, cheeses etc. from home....OR do you rely exclusively on the local grocery stores?

ii) What is the best grocery on the island for meat?

iii) Best (new boats, smooth ride, reliable) charter boat from SXM to Blowing Point? Gotcha, Funtime, etc ?

iv) Best car rental (newest cars, service) on Anguilla? Looing for child safety seat. Have used Avis and Island Rental in the past.


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Postby AxAnswer » Tue May 23, 2006 5:24 am


Lots of question.........Here's my two cents.

Anguilla now has great grocery stores. I really think that seeing as how you are coming to the Island with your sweet baby, you might want to leave the cooler at home, and save on the shlep factor. Lakes in the Valley and Proctors in the Quarter are my two favorites right now. All meat is frozen (there is fresh local beef, which I have not, and will not try...........), and selection of all stuff is pretty good. Also, go to Merhcants Market in the Valley. It is restaurant supply, and they DO sell smaller quantities of some things (lamb chops), which are lovely. Lakes has a huge array of cheeses from around the world, and also a large selection of Asian products, such as Patak cooking sauces which I like a lot.

Both Gotcha and Funtime run excellent services from SXM in to Blowing Point. Six of one........ Depends who calls you back first, I guess.

Avis and Island Car are both still excellent with new cars always. I believe both still have car seats, though certainly check when you call. Although I appreciate the convenience of on-line car rental, I still appreciate the certainty of booking with an employee, and confirming everything in one fell swoop.

Have fun!!!!!!!!!
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Postby Walker » Tue May 23, 2006 9:22 pm

I remember seeing a child safety seat for a toddler sitting on the counter at Island Car Rental. You can verify that they can supply one if you email them to arrange the car rental. Do remember to take a sand bucket and shovel for the baby. We found Sandy Ground and Island Harbor had the least amount of surf/waves when our boys were little. My husband always sat there reading a book while I always was the "lifeguard." I think I had the better duty, as all kids seem to love sand and water. We always took frozen meat (we'd buy a tenderloin and slice it about one inch thick, then put a couple of slices into a ziplock bag and freeze it). We'd double bag the meat and put it into the suitcase among the clothing and never had a problem with it thawing. Proctors and Lakes have the newest, largest stores, but Ashley's and IGA also are quite well stocked as well. There are plenty of little "mom and pop" shops in every little "village." For beverages we go to Tropical Flower, on Long Path Road in the East End about 5 minutes from the Valley (open every day but Sunday). They have the biggest selection, but most of the grocery stores also have a good variety of beverages.
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