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New bakery in Anguilla

PostPosted: Mon Dec 17, 2007 9:27 am
by Anthony
This sounds interesting: <a href=""><b>GĂ©raud's patisserie </b></a>

If anyone has been please let us know what you think.

new bakery in anguilla

PostPosted: Sat May 30, 2009 8:00 pm
by nonstop
yes, I have been several times. A great bakery. Good location for people staying on the west end.

PostPosted: Sun May 31, 2009 2:47 am
by Anthony
Thanks nonstop - great to see someone still looks at this forum :)

PostPosted: Mon Feb 07, 2011 11:55 pm
by ondine
I'll try bumping this topic up and maybe kick start some more activity here.... Gerauds is excellent, and you can go and have breakfast or lunch, all very good/gourment, but resonably priced, and I recall the soup was always very good, too....go early for lunch, before he runs out of things, a popular lunch spot!