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Nautical Tourism

Travel & news discussion about the Dominican Republic

Nautical Tourism

Postby KarenS » Sat Mar 18, 2006 9:36 am

As reported in Dominican Today by Ed Vergara: "Nautical tourism, an intelligent investment in Dominican Republic.

This is what is happening in the Dominican Republic, maybe some say it should’ve taken place long a go but; maybe, no one was looking however, plans are to house up to 3000 cruising boats in the various naturally protected bays and idyllic anchorages offered by the Island of Hispaniola.

It was here where Christopher Columbus first discovered America, this was the gate way to great nations and cultures of today, some of the buildings and customs from those days are still intact for the visitor / cruiser to visit. All mingled with today’s way of living.

Further, one can find himself walking down a street made by the early Spaniards while shopping in the most modern of fashion commerce and just like that!!!, in the next instant, be looking at houses and plazas and temples that are 400 years old. No one will charge you entry fees or not allow you to photograph these beautiful sites, all you have to do is be here and help preserve this wonderful bonanza.

Yes, in the resent passed, has been hard for the boat cruiser to visit, cruise the Island and enjoy such beauty for many of reasons, no services, the harshness of the imposed laws, the poor knowledge as to how to provide the services, etc, etc.

Even though these things are not all solved, the resent government changes have given the Nautical Tourism an importance with no precedent, the building of first world class floating marinas is under way, they are planned to offer all of the services that the American cruiser demands, fuel, TV, electrical hook ups, potable water, well defended against the weather, bath rooms, chandleries, restaurants, etc, etc. These will be located all around the Island, allowing the cruiser to use his boat to go from point to point and visit the whole Island, some of the points offer breath taking beauty like, Luperon, Samana, Puerto Plata, Cahvon, Manzanillo, Monte Cristi, Santo Domingo and others.

This is the right time for the investor to take a good look at this baby that is just going to be borne, an excellent chance to grow and nourish this baby.

As we all know, the marinas are detonators of Real State that surrounds them, most of the sites possess a natural disposition for the development of hotels and golf courses.

In my opinion, this is one of the places in the Caribbean that have been neglected by all of us, cruisers, developers and investors, we, Radisson Design Inc., Marina designers and manufacturers are already here, after having made over 100 marinas in the East Coast of USA, our experience tells us that sharing the birth of this baby is both, good for business and a solid investment.

Ed Vergara"

Karen for
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Marine facilities in Luperon, D.R

Postby jf » Wed Jun 07, 2006 6:10 pm

Lately there been lots of development on the north coast of the Dominican Republic, with new projects like mega yacht marinas, hotels and casino, dome under construction and others still far to come. Currently the only full service marina is located in Luperon (Caribbean #1 hurricane shelter) featuring FUEL AT DOCK, wireless internet, restaurant, swimming pool, entertainment area, tennis court (coming soon), etc...
You can visit Marina Luperon Yacht Club at:
I hope this information help all you cruisers and sailors when considering where to look for dockage and fueling.

Thank you
Javier Fernandez
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Location: Puerto Plata, Luperon Bay

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