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Credit Card Warning

PostPosted: Wed Feb 08, 2006 9:01 am
by jamon
Having been to Jamaica in the beginning of December and my wife wanting to buy Christmas presents, spent more than the money we had. We used a credit card for a few more purchases. The card was used at the resort COR, the Margaurietteville (probably spelled wrong) complex with all the stores and at the airport. We had notified the credit card company that we were going to Jamaica and would probably use the card while there. It has not been used since, yesterday they called and said the the card was being used and asked if I had the card, which I told them yes. So somebody in one of those places took the card number and was paying for cell phones and clothes over the internet and by phone. They are now doing an investiagation and it's good that they monitor the card on your spending habits. We made another purchase a few years ago that was out of the ordinary and they contacted us about it. At least we are not responsible for the charges. It's hard to protect yourself from unscrupulous people, just pay attention to your card purchases if you go.