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Visions of Puerto Rico

PostPosted: Fri Jul 21, 2006 10:39 am
by KarenS
New York, NY--(HISPANIC PR WIRE)--July 17, 2006--VISIONS OF PUERTO RICO offers viewers a visit in paradise from the timeless plazas of Old San Juan around the island and back again, using the lighthouses at the four corners of the island as transition points. The first Caribbean destination in the popular VISIONS series features aerial and ground footage shot in high definition with the latest technology; informative narration about the island’s rich history, architecture and lush natural beauty; and a soundtrack of local favorites including the omnipresent chirp of the tiny coqui frog. Rita Moreno narrates.

For the entire article, when it airs and how to get this film go <a href="">here</a>