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surf spots

PostPosted: Mon Feb 05, 2007 8:00 am
by KarenS
Three days is not nearly enough time to explore all the surf breaks in Puerto Rico. But three days of surfing for hours on end in 70-plus degree water and even warmer air temperatures at this time of year was an offer impossible to reject.

The northwest coast of Puerto Rico is "the" surf spot during the winter. Starting at the southern end heading north is Tres Palmas, then Rincon and Maria's, where a 10-day International Masters Surfing Championship was raging (especially the after-event parties all weekend), and on to Wilderness and breaks beyond. Most of these breaks offered chest to head high surf for Friday and Saturday.

I was traveling with a crew from Massachusetts and upon arriving at Aguadilla Airport before sunrise last Friday, we headed directly for Wilderness and were the first ones in the water as the sun rose.

Wilderness is a great spot, with miles of beach much like New Smyrna Beach. But there you surf over rock reef, whether way down to the south at Wishing Well, or Pressure Point, or Mix, or right in front of the main parking area at Wilderness. If you are lucky, or with someone who has surfed there before as in my case, you find the safest way in and out of the water.

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