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Name That Bridge

Travel & news discussion about St. Lucia

Name That Bridge

Postby KarenS » Tue Jun 06, 2006 7:28 am

From the Courier News: "GREEN, Go-Betweens . . . whatever. Reaction to the latest name proposed for the link now being built across the Brisbane River between St Lucia and Dutton Park has been mixed.

Currently known as the Green Bridge, there is a proposal to rename the structure The Go-Betweens Bridge, largely sparked by the recent death of Grant McLennan, a key element of the Brisbane band that shone in the '80s.

Members of the music industry have supported the proposal, councillors are divided and some residents seem less than enthusiastic.

Q Music president Matt Connors said it was very important for the bridge to be recognised with a name that represents part of Queensland's cultural history.

"The Go-Betweens were obviously one of Queensland's most successful bands internationally," he said.

"We have such a poor record of recognising our cultural history – there are plenty of statues and monuments to war heroes, sporting heroes and former politicians, but not much in the way of representing our cultural history."

He said the bridge would be a tourist attraction for fans.

• The $55 million bridge between Dutton Park and St Lucia has become unofficially known as the Green Bridge, with many linking the name to its environmental friendliness.
• But the name Green in fact refers to former Labor alderman Leslie Green, who died in World War II, aged 35.
• An independent panel will shortlist names for the bridge, with the final name to be decided by Brisbane City Council.
• Besides The Go-Betweens, suggestions include World War I veteran Ted Smout, who died in 2004, and Mary MacKillop, Australia's first saint-in-waiting."

Suggestions/Opinions on what the name should be?
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