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The Best

PostPosted: Wed Mar 21, 2007 7:23 am
by KarenS
There's the best in your neighborhood, the best in the city, the best in the state and the best in the country. All good stuff.

But the best in the world, that makes you take notice. So when Orange County Register photographer Mike Goulding and I found ourselves one Caribbean island away from what was touted as the best resort in the world, we had to go. We're journalists. We investigate. That's what we do.

The island was St. Lucia, far down the Caribbean chain. The resort was Ladera, near Soufriere, in the southwestern end of the volcanic green knob. We flew into Castries, in the far north and made the winding drive south, stopping at one point to ask directions from a man who climbed up a tree and brought us down two coconuts. Whipping out a machete, he hacked them open and we drank the sweet, cool milk in the sweltering sun.

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