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Privacy at The Body Holiday at Le Sport?

Travel & news discussion about St. Lucia

Privacy at The Body Holiday at Le Sport?

Postby cidbob » Sun Mar 12, 2006 12:43 pm

My wife and I usually rent a cottage for our yearly Christmas season holiday. But this year we are considering a stay at The Body Holiday at Le Sport. I've done extensive online research, but I still have a few questions:

I've read that there's a real "buzz" at the resort and a lot of socializing and conviviality. My wife and I would prefer NOT to socialize very much, if at all, on our vacations. Will we be able to maintain our own peace and quiet at Le Sport?

I have seen pictures of the restaurants and I'm not even sure there are tables for two--will we find ourselves having to eat in groups?

Since the resort is self-contained and not very large, will we feel pressure to "make friends" with other guests whom we'll certainly be seeing over and over?

I imagine I sound like a rank misanthrope in this posting. It's just that we spend our regular daily lives dealing with people and want our vacations to be more quiet, private, and intimate. Are quiet, privacy, and intimacy possible at Le Sport?
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Postby KimJ » Sun Apr 23, 2006 8:18 pm

Le Sport is not huge but it is spaced out enough that there is plenty of privacy if you want it. I live on the island but have a gym pass for the hotel so I visit regularly. There are plenty of tables for 2 in the restaurants, and the spa area is set way up on the hill and has a beautiful peacful pool and courtyard where it is quiet and very tranquil if you want to get away from the main hotel area. Really a lovely hotel. My only critique is that their scuba diving facilities are really not up to scratch, recommend using an outside company for any diving you want to do and diving.
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