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Docking on Barbuda

Travel & news discussion about Antigua & Barbuda

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Docking on Barbuda

Postby KarenS » Thu May 04, 2006 7:10 am

From the Antigua Sun: "Major developmental work is being planned for the Barbuda Air & Sea Port Authority, scheduled to get on the way by 15 May.

The project is seeking to bring the Barbuda dock up to international standards.

'We are going to implement some changes there shortly by the 15 May because at this time I don’t think it is operating in the way a port should be,' Lynton Thomas, Barbuda Council member and port officer said.

He said the major changes will impact the operational aspects of the port, so that it becomes more regulated and eliminates the island’s dependence on Antigua to receive goods and supplies from overseas.

Thomas said the new port system will be critical to Barbuda’s development and everything will be done in order to make the lives of Barbudans easier, especially cutting down on suspicious activity that takes place at the port.

'There are a lot of illegal things that are going on and we have to try to stop it,' Thomas stated.

Firstly, they had written to the West Indies Oil Company and APUA to remove their oil storage from the dock. Thomas said it was very dangerous to have gasoline and diesel fuel on the port and recently a boat had caught fire in the harbour and if it had spread to the dock there could have been a huge explosion. The companies had not responded at the time of the interview.

According to Thomas, after 15 May, any boat coming to Barbuda must call to get permission in order to dock or to drop their anchor. Those boats should also have a life boat and life jackets on board.

He said they also have a problem with fishermen from Antigua parking all over the harbour and they will now not be allowed to dock in the harbour.

Any unloading should be done quickly and the vessel should move on to drop anchor elsewhere. “We are not going to allow them to tie up at the dock any longer as of the 15 May,” Thomas commented.

In terms of security of the dock, Thomas said no one will be allowed to go on the dock unless they have special security clearance from the operators.

Thomas said this aspect, in particular, will be implemented in conjunction with the police and some six people who are in Antigua, training to be security officers, will be utilised as port security officers."
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