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anyone know someone who owns a small motor boat in Trinidad?

PostPosted: Sun Dec 14, 2008 4:21 pm
by Odysseyhelper
I am assisting a man, Graham Hughes in his world record breaking attempt to set foot in every country in the world in 2009, using NO air travel. It is totally self funded and is to raise money for the charity WaterAid. I need a local in or around Trinidad who owns a small motor boat who is willing to take Graham to each of the Caribbean Islands. Graham cant pay much so needs someone who simply lives locally and owns a boat. He could pay up to $100 american dollars per day. He can also help to drive the boat whilst the owner rests. Some of this trip will be filmed and a 12 part series is being made at the end of the year for tv in the UK (so the boat owner may become a little bit famous by default!). Graham arrives in Port of Spain aprox Jan 9th and needs to get to the Dom Republic by Jan 19th. Can anyone recommend someone that lives locally who owns a small motor boat that I can contact about this?