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Miscellaneous questions from a first time traveller to TCI

Travel & news discussion about the Turks & Caicos

Miscellaneous questions from a first time traveller to TCI

Postby Matthew » Thu May 25, 2006 11:33 pm


I'll be travelling with my family and girlfriend to Provo on June 3rd and I have a few questions. I have never been to the Caribbean (do the Florida Keys count?) before and I want to make the most of my visit.

First, I have read a lot about car rentals and done some perusing of various car rental companies on Provo and I see that 4x4s such as Suzuki Samurais are available. Is it true that there are lots of unpaved roads/remote beaches to explore via 4wd, or are most areas off limits to vehicles? I ask this because I had heard the former, but I read a few posts regarding a place called Malcolm beach which has not been accessible lately because of restrictions on road travel. I just want to know if renting a 4x4 would be worth it before I plunk down $65 for the day. Also, what traffic system (British or American) does Turks and Caicos follow? Are most vehicles (especially those for rent) right hand drive or left hand drive?

I had also looked forward to doing a bit of gambling, but I had read that the Allegro hotel and casino had been closed. I did see that gambling was available elsewhere on Provo but did not see much of a description. Does anyone know if this place is simply a slot parlor or an actual casino with table games/poker, etc...?

Finally, we will be staying at the Sands at Grace Bay which I understand is home to Hemingway's. Can anyone give me an idea of the prices? How much would an average seafood/steak dinner for two cost with alcohol/gratuity? $100-$150? Higher? Lower? Also, in general how is the beer selection on the island? I traveled to London last summer and greatly enjoyed the varied selection of British and Irish beers/ales and I was wondering if a large selection of British beers were available in Turks and Caicos.
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Reply to Matt for trip in June

Postby islandjim » Fri May 26, 2006 6:30 am

June is a great time of year to visit Provo. You didn't say how long you were staying, there is a lot that you can do without renting a car. The driving is british and most of the cars are american. It does get confussing if you rent a car, so be careful. there are plenty of paved roads and plenty of rough or dirt roads to play on. If this is your first trip, you might have a better time enjoying some of the excursions and letting someone show you the islands. There is a small casino that is only about 5 minutes from where the Allegro was. Your taxi driver can help you there. It isn't anything like a US casino and seems to have more locals that tourists.

The costs to go out to diner depend a lot on where you go. It can range from $30.00 to $80 per person. We frequent Turtle Cove for dinner and for four people it usually runs about $350.

The all inclusive resort packages offered on the island are the most cost effective way to go.

The local beer is TURKS and comes in light and dark. Not too bad!

Have a great time. I will be flying in again on June 10th.
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Postby GCSandy » Sat May 27, 2006 7:41 am

Hi Matthew,
We thought the beer selection on Provo was very minimal. Turks is the local beer and they have Bud, Miller Lite, Coors Lite and Heiniken. We couldn't find any Canadian beer or German beer. Don't go expecting to sample different beers. We were disappointed. There is an irish Pub on the island called Danny Bouys that we enjoyed. It's not far from the Sands. We have dined at Hemmingways twice, with drinks and our bill was around $100.
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Postby KVR » Wed May 31, 2006 7:16 am

We just returned over the weekend. We stayed at the Sibonne, which is right next door to the Sands. We did not rent a car, but felt that we should have just for the convenience of getting to/from resturants. We ended up walking a lot to Salt Mills or just calling a taxi. We also really like AI packages and shied away from Club Med due to bad reviews, but after talking to several people who were staying there and seeing part of the hotel, we should have stayed there instead.

We ate a Hemmingway's once and thought it was expensive. Their dinner portions also had to be the smallest of all the resturants we ate at the entire week. We cut through Hemmingways several times to get to the Salt Mills and it was consistantly packed with people and kids. Reminded us of a smaller version of the Beaches Resort.

We saw a few slot machines at Bambooz and Sharkbite, but not really much gambling.

Beer prices average $5.00 for Turks Head, Miller Lite and Corona. The non-fine dining resturants offer happy hour speicals from 5pm to 7 pm for $2.50. Shark Bite had pitchers of Turks Head for $12.00. Only place we went to that had pitchers.

I posted a report on this site that includes detailed dining with prices. It's a few posts below.
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