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Just got back

Travel & news discussion about Barbados

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Just got back

Postby AnnaC » Tue May 16, 2006 12:34 pm

We just returned from 2 weeks on the island. We were somewhat shocked to see, at the Gap, the new developments whereby many properties have been sold to make way for new condos/apartments: Jade apartments next to Dover Market are finished and ready for occupancy; St. Lawrence Hotel is being refurbished and made into condos; there's a new condo/apt. complex going up alongside of Bouganvilla; Rainbow Beach will be sold. I understand there are more properties to be sold in that area in order to make way for condos.

No activity seen at Casuarina (that I could see from the beach).

Sandy Beach has eroded greatly. High tide comes up close to the buildings; however, they are building up the beach again. I was told that some of the other beaches on the South Coast are eroding due to the new developments.

Good news is that the Gap restaurants are still operating and doing very well. There are a lot of tourists walking around and, depending on the restaurant, you may need a reservation in order to get served.
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Postby Trishia » Tue Jul 04, 2006 3:59 pm

Hi Anna

We stayed inland from the West Coast but also did alot of touring around.

Yes, we were shocked to see the amount of condos etc being built nearly all over the island but especially on the coast - wall to wall buildings - such a shame. Must say we got pretty keen on the Atlantic and Northen coast!!!

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