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Crop Over Events and Calendar

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Crop Over Events and Calendar

Postby KarenS » Tue May 23, 2006 7:32 am

From "Crop Over, a five-week summer festival, is Barbados' most popular and colourful festival. It's origins can be traced back to the 1780's, a time when Barbados was the world's largest producer of sugar. At the end of the sugar season, there was always a huge celebration to mark the culmination of another successful sugar cane harvest - the Crop Over celebration.

As the sugar industry in Barbados declined, so too did the Crop Over festival and in the 1940's the festival was terminated completely. However, the festival was revived in 1974 and other elements of Barbadian culture were infused to make the extravaganza that exists today ..... an event that attracts thousands of people from across the globe.

The festival begins with the Ceremonial Delivery of the Last Canes and the crowning of the King and Queen of the Festival - the most productive male and female cane cutters of the season.

Bridgetown Market consists of several stalls which sell local food and beverages as well as local arts and crafts. Enjoy the calypso music and the live tuk bands as you browse through the stalls.

Cohobblopot is a huge carnival-like show with members of the Kadooment bands displaying their elaborate and stunning costumes. In recent years there has also been a huge entertainment package with the most popular calypsonians and bands performing to packed audiences.

The children are not left out as they can participate in the Kiddies Kadooment, donning beautiful costumes and joining their friends in a band to parade before the judges of the competition.

Folk concerts and art and photographic exhibitions are integral parts of the festival, highlighting Barbadian history and culture as well as the artistic talents of Bajans.

Calypso is one of the main features of the Crop Over festival. The calypsonians are organised into "tents" (Conquerers, Untouchables, House of Soca, Pioneers, Stray Cats,etc) and these tents are sponsored by Barbados businesses. Calypsonians compete for several prizes and titles, including the Party Monarch, the Road March Monarch and the Pic-O-De-Crop Monarch. The semi-finals of the Pic-O-De-Crop competition are held at the picturesque East Coast Road, where the calypsonians perform on a stage with the Atlantic surf as the backdrop while the spectators gather in the hillsides with their picnic baskets. This magnificent spectacle should not be missed! The finals of the Pic-O-De-Crop competition is held at the National Stadium, and this is followed by the Fore-Day Morning Jump-Up!

The grande finale is the Grand Kadooment! This carnival parade features large bands with members dressed in elaborate costumes to depict various themes. Designers compete for the coveted Designer of the Year prize while the revelers seem more intent on having a good time! The revelers make their way from the National Stadium to Spring Garden accompanied by the pulsating rythym of calypso music. When they reach Spring Garden, the party continues with more fantastic music, lots of food and drink and, for some, a quick swim at the nearby beach. A grand end to a grand festival.

Year Month Day Event
2006 JUL 02 Junior Calypso Tent
2006 JUL 08 Opening Gala
2006 JUL 09 Junior Calypso Monarch Semi-Finals
2006 JUL 15 Junior Calypso Monarch Finals
2006 JUL 16 Read In
2006 JUL 16 Visual Arts Exhibition
2006 JUL 19 Party Monarch Semi-Finals
2006 JUL 20 Party Monarch Semi-Finals
2006 JUL 22 Pan In De City
2006 JUL 23 Pan Pun De Sand
2006 JUL 26 Folk Concert
2006 JUL 28 Pic-O-De-Crop Semi-Final
2006 JUL 29 Junior Kadooment
2006 JUL 30 Party Monarch Finals
2006 AUG 02 Crop Over Exhibition - Evening of Interpretation, Jazz & Literary Arts
2006 AUG 04 Pic-O-De-Crop Finals
2006 AUG 05,06,07 Bridgetown Market
2006 AUG 05 Fore Day Mornin' Jump-Up
2006 AUG 06 Cohobblopot
2006 AUG 07 Grand Kadooment
2006 AUG 10 Last Lap Craft Fair"
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