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Barbados or St Martin/Maarten

PostPosted: Fri Feb 03, 2006 2:42 pm
by amandatx
Hi everyone! I am looking to you all for some assistance since this board seems to have tons of knowledge about all things Caribbean I am planning a week's getaway for my husband and I in mid May. We are both in our early 30's and want to go somewhere tropical with a nice beach. We tend to like resorts, but they don't have to be huge...we just enjoy somewhere that is more hotel than condo style. We've been to Mexico numerous times, Bahamas, Jamaica and Grand Cayman. We were thinking of trying out the Couples Negril or Swept Away resorts, but I think we need to try somewhere new (although I still want to go there soon

We'd like somewhere with some nightlife, great hotel and beach, good dining, fun bars. We'd also like to do a little sailing trip for a day or half day. Other than that just relaxing and having fun at the beach.

I am considering SXM or Barbados. It seems there are more lodging options in Barbados but I can't really seem to find anything that I really like in SXM. I also looked at Anguilla and it looks great, except I think it may be too quiet for us.

If Barbados sounds like a good destination for us, where are the best areas to stay?

Any opinions/suggestions? Thanks in advance for your help!!