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Women's freediving record broken in Cayman

PostPosted: Sat May 05, 2007 8:58 am
by KarenS
A new women’s constant ballast freediving world record was set last Sunday with a depth of 88m / 289ft off Seven Mile Beach in the Cayman Islands by a member of Performance Freediving International Inc (PFI).

Mandy–Rae Cruickshank of Canada has been training in the Cayman Islands since April 8th in an attempt to break the freediving world record of constant ballast (kicking down to depth and back with weights under your own power) during the 2nd PFI Cayman Competition. On day two of the competition, Mandy–Rae achieved a depth of 88m / 289ft on one breath of air, the equivalent of a 29 story building in a time of 2 minutes 48 seconds. This record was held previously by Natalia Molchanova of Russia at 86m / 282ft.

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