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Cruise line cuts Cayman

PostPosted: Mon May 14, 2007 12:02 pm
by KarenS
Royal Caribbean International Cruise Lines is cutting 60 calls of its ships to the Cayman Islands over the next year.

This is because of redeployment of the vessels to other areas, and, according to Port Authority Manager Cruise Operations and Security Joseph Woods, is not a cause for much concern.

He pointed to the fact that 60 calls per year translates to only one call per week.

Mr. Woods noted that the ships that are being redeployed are smaller ships whereas new ships that Royal Caribbean is adding to the Western Caribbean route, which includes Grand Cayman, are bigger.

In the cruise industry often ships get redeployed and others are brought in, he said.

Some recent media coverage has pointed to a weak demand for the Caribbean market – a problem affecting the entire cruise industry.

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