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Help for the coral reefs

PostPosted: Fri Jul 13, 2007 8:27 am
by KarenS
From Cayman Net News:
Little Cayman Beach Resort & Reef Divers have partnered with the Central Caribbean Marine Institute (CCMI) for an important research, education, and outreach initiative.

The “Dollar a Dive” programme encourages scuba divers and guests to make donations towards maintaining one of the most sensitive marine ecosystems on our planet threatened by increasing environmental factors, the coral reefs.

Nicholas Wilson, General Manager of Little Cayman Beach Resort, said that living harmoniously with the environment is critical.

“As a premium resort and world-class dive destination located on a relatively isolated and sensitive Caribbean destination, we are constantly seeking ways with which to live more harmoniously with our local environment, and for ways in which we can contribute to the maintenance of the fabulous reefs and coral systems for which Little Cayman is known.

We are thrilled to be partnering with CCMI on this increasingly important global issue,” he said.

“Little Cayman Beach Resort and Reef Divers have always taken a focused approach towards environmental sustainability, and we are ramping up efforts in that vein.

Community partnerships like this exemplify our dedication towards responsible environmental impact and community involvement and dedication.”