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Beach lover's guide to the British Virgin Islands

PostPosted: Wed May 03, 2006 7:06 am
by Anthony
Nice article from <a href="">MSNBC</a> via <a href="">Caribbean Travel & Life</a> about BVI beaches:

<blockquote>"Beach lover's guide to the British Virgin Islands
Secluded coves, idyllic anchorages, and a low-key vibe all over

By Bob Friel
Caribbean Travel and Life
Updated: 6:26 p.m. ET May 1, 2006

For island-hopping beach-lovers, the British Virgin Islands are paradise. From Jost Van Dyke to Anegada, the BVI offers a bevy of secluded coves and idyllic anchorages along with intimate resorts that jibe with the territory's low-key, nature-friendly feel.

The beaches themselves range from the classic beauty of pure white sand and crystal-blue water to the otherworldly sight of strands coursing through fantastical rock formations. And though it's no problem moving between the islands, you need a scorecard to tell exactly which unimaginatively same-named beach you're on. Going by the number of White Bays and Long Bays (at least three of each), the two Great Harbours, and the fact that Sandy Cay is right next to Sandy Spit, Christopher Columbus must have delegated the naming details to his assistant, Vasco de Obvious.


White Bay
This is one you dream about: a spotless stretch of eminently walkable sand fronted by inviting blue water and backed by an eclectic mix of beach bars and snack shacks. A knobby hill splits the beach in two, with most visitors gravitating toward the west side. Coral barricades the bay, though two cuts allow boaters to enter and anchor in the narrow slash of water between the reef and the sand. Few yachts stay here overnight because of the close quarters, so the beach clears out before sunset. Cruise-shippers ferried to the beach early in the day gravitate to the Soggy Dollar Bar; the crowd thins as you move east or west. The best snorkeling away from the boats is along the far west arm of the bay. A trail at the east end of the beach leads over a hill to Great Harbour -- a 20-minute walk."</blockquote>

That is just a snippet - much more <a href="">here</a>. You can <a href="">try a free issue of Caribbean Travel & Life</a> through us also.