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Researching islands for June vac.....have a question

Travel & news discussion about the British Virgin Islands

Researching islands for June vac.....have a question

Postby Helene » Thu Feb 16, 2006 5:36 pm


( I posted this also in another forum)
We're deciding to try a new island in June. We've only been to St. John and loved it! We went back there this past May and are thinking we should try a different island but are a bit apprehensive...

Things we loved about St. John:
~Beaches..loved exploring all the different sites
~Cruz Town!! Just enough shopping, restaurants and local bars in walking distance to one another for the evenings. Small enough to walk around, big enough not to get bored. Plus the open air taxis were extremley convienent to take us back and forth to town in the evening so we didn't have to drive in.
~The Estate Lindholm...B&B guesthouse...just right! question is how is how are the B.V.I. in comparision? there a similar town to go out to in the evenings? And is there a similar taxi service?

Also does anyone know of any nice B&B's close to a town or recommend hotels? We're not looking for anything too expensive.

Thanks for any bit of feedback!!!! Oh...and if so does anyone suggest any other island worth looking into that's similar to St. John?

Thanks again!!!
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Postby Juliann » Fri Feb 17, 2006 1:14 pm

We are staying in the Mongoose Apartments on Cane Garden Bay on Tortola.
From what I have read I think CGB and Cruz Bay are similar or actually we might prefer CGB because of all the bars and restaurants within waling distance and they are right on the beach. Several other beaches to explore and close to day trip to Jost, Virgin Gorda, Peter and Norman Island.
Tortola is larger then St John but I think because Road town is the only big town you still find nice quiet places to hide.
Wont know for sure until I get back but I think on the whole we prefer the BVI's better because there is so much to see and do and its so close
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