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Travelling with 8month baby to cayo largo -good or bad idea?

Travel & news discussion about Cuba

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Travelling with 8month baby to cayo largo -good or bad idea?

Postby Suzie » Thu Feb 02, 2006 1:05 pm

Just wondering if anyone could tell me what they think cayo largo would be like with a baby of 8months. We are thinking of going to the Sol Pelicano resort as it says they have a baby club but we were hoping someone might have some feedback on it before we go ahead and book. Also whether or not you can bring jars of baby food in to the country. Any advice on travelling with a baby is welcome!!
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Oh! Baby

Postby K » Thu Feb 02, 2006 10:09 pm

Did it done it twice! I just got home from a three week trip to Cuba with a two year old and an eight month old. Take your food, formula, wet wipe and diapers although you can buy diapers at some resorts, but why take the chance. And have fun!
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Postby michelb » Thu Feb 16, 2006 1:25 pm

We went to Cayo Guillermo (Melia Cayo Guillermo) in January with our 8 month old and it went great. We made sure we brought everything for him (all his food (jars and formula), plenty of diapers and enough change clothes, hats, baby raft for the pool, etc). He loved the pool and the ocean (having a very shallow baby pool is nice (or at least a 'slopped/walk into' pool) but not necessary if you have some sort of a raft). We picked that resort because they offered a 'baby club' which, although we didn't use that much, gave us an opportunity to have some 'couple time' so that was really nice and I think we'd look for that again. We were a bit hesitant to leave our baby with strangers but they were great (the first day we went to 'check it out' for maybe 10 minutes just to see how they were setup and how he'd adapt and the next day my wife left him there for about 20-30 minutes will she observed from the side and that made us comfortable enough to leave him there in their care.

Make sure you request a crib (if the resort even offers them (that was another of our requirements). The one we got appeared to be brand new and was excellent (it was the 'collapsible' style but was very large) and I'd suggest getting a ground floor room. We also brought a 'smaller' stroller (not an 'umbrella' but smaller than a 'full size' stroller) (we actually brought a smaller one because we thought we'd have problems getting on the plan with a 'full-size' stroller but other parents had them (that being said, having a 'smaller' one was still nice since it is lighter and easier to carry.

I can't offer any advice on Sol Pelicano other than to say that we went to another SolMelia resort and things went very well (enough that we are considering going to Sol Pelicano in March now).

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