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non-resorts in Cayo Coco & is there dolphin watching in

Travel & news discussion about Cuba

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non-resorts in Cayo Coco & is there dolphin watching in

Postby moniker » Sat Feb 11, 2006 9:08 pm


I am going to cuba in April and i have a dilemma. I would like to experience 'real' Cuba and I want to spend 5 nights in beach tranquility so i am reluctant to stay in a resort. However, i am tempted by the beautiful beaches Cayo Coco has to offer and i hear you can see dolphins there, is that true? Also seeing the flamingos would be amazing. The other alternative is Cayo Leviso but i hear there is diddly squat to do there in the evenings.

So i wonder if anyone knows whether non-resort cabanas exist in Cayo Coco? As that would be an ideal solution in a beautiful setting.

Much thanks

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Postby citizenabovesuspicion » Sun Feb 12, 2006 7:54 am

The only hotels on Cayo Coco are the all inclusive.

Want to experience the real cuba, go to one of the cities and stay in a casa for 2 weeks, that is where you will experience the REAL CUBA.
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just back

Postby LindaV » Tue Feb 14, 2006 6:36 pm

We just got back and spent 1 week in Cayo Guillermo (beaches are beautiful) just a little north of Cayp Coco..we also did a 2week adventure tour thru all of Cuba and stayed in private accom (casa particulars). & historic small hotels.

If you only have a week and want a beach resort you will have to stay in an all incl. as far as i know in this area. We did a wonderful private day tour there with a local guide from Moran City. he picked us up in a small SUV with a picnic lunch and we went at dawn to see the flamingos fly over the causeway and we drove all over with stops where we hiked into the woods ...he just knew where to find the rare birds. We also went into the woods to trek around a "floating forest" that seemed right out of a King arthur novel that had huge waterlilies in the lagoons, a bat cave etc.
This gentleman was a proffesseur of natural science and did this to supplemeny his income in his spare time. Wherever you go try and book a private local will love spending time with someone and gaining a personal insight into life in Cuba plus you will get to see the hidden gems off the tourist path.
Try and go back someday when you have more time..we loves Havan, Trinida, Baracoa, and the Vinales Valley up north.
Cheers, Linda
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