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want to rent a car & see the island! any suggestions!

PostPosted: Sat Jul 26, 2008 5:41 pm
by eagleson500
We are wondering if we will have any trouble traveling around the island,in a rental car/suv?I am seeing an amazing number of beaches that I would love to go snorkeling at,but at the same time Iam worried about the safety of my family.Should we rent a vehicle by the internet prior to going down to the island or wait until we arrive.Any areas that we should stay clear of ,or times that we should not be out side of the hotels grounds?Should we bring only US$ or will they exchange Canadian$ into local currency?We are staying at the Breezes and as of many hotels you hear really bad things and then the next person says their out to lunch.We have travel to Margareta island and many other countries so we do not expect the Ritz Carleton,but with this said any info on rooms/building we should request for; would be a great help.
Thank You